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Santa Barbara DJ, Justin Stern "DJ JAS"

For nearly a decade, DJ JAS has been providing the highest quality musical entertainment to a variety of crowds. From California to Arizona to Texas, DJ JAS is known as “The Party Rockin’ DJ.” His ability to feel out a crowd within seconds sets him apart from other DJs. DJ JAS chooses not to label himself as a particular type of DJ, as he has the ability to uniquely mix different musical genres. This ability, which includes mixing Hip-Hop, Rock, 60's, 70's, 80’s, House music, and much more, creates a sensation like no other, which the whole crowd can appreciate! While he is known for his exceptional and creative mixing talents on the decks, it is his ability to play the right track at the perfect time, like so few DJs can. This is what separates DJ JAS from the rest, as he has the capability to rock a party for any type of crowd at any given place. No matter what hour it is, DJ JAS keeps the dance floor packed! DJ JAS has created a new style that is much different than your typical DJ. He has raised the bar to create a whole new meaning for the word DJ, as he creates an exciting performance, which is why he is known as “The Party Rockin’ DJ.” In 2007, he was selected to perform in New York with the Virgin Mega Tour and in 2008 was selected best DJ by the University of Arizona. DJ JAS strives to provide the best entertainment possible, as he continues to perfect his skills as a DJ. 

also currently runs and operates
JAS Productions, a production company that specializes in high quality private event entertainment. JAS Productions has the ability to turn your next event into a night filled with professional lighting and sound, to complement the excellent and unique DJing services offered. This will undoubtedly give you the experience of a lifetime!  

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