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1st Wedding in 2021, DJing in Camarillo, CA

So excited to be DJing again!!  This was the 1st wedding of the year, and it was an amazing start.

I provided all the lighting included Area Wash/Down-Lighting for the entire Dinner area and Up-Lighting around the house and up the trees.  It looked beautiful and lit everything in a really elegant way since it was so dark by the dinner areas.


Wedding DJ in Hope Ranch Santa Barbara, CA.

2021 Wedding season is off to a great start. I DJd at a lovely house in Santa Barbara, located in Hope Ranch. Drew and Michelle were not expecting too much dancing, but they were pleasantly surprised, and most of the guests didn’t leave the dance floor the whole time.  So much fun!  I mainly mixed R&B and Hip-Hop.  Congrats you two!

I provided wireless and battery-powered speakers for the ceremony, cocktail, and even dinner.   I used a separate sound system for the dancing on the deck.