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DJ in Santa Barbara & Los Angeles

Jas Productions, Wedding DJ, Coordinator and Event Uplighting in Santa Barbara CaliforniaI offer complete DJ services in Los Angeles and specialize in Wedding DJ services in Santa Barbara. Trying to figure out which DJ offers the best fit for your needs can be a lot of work, and I hope you will see the difference in my complete DJ services. I also believe in the importance of matching the vibe you wish to create for your event, with customer service being a top priority. I provide consistent and open communication throughout the planning process.

I go above and beyond what is “necessary” by doing little things that make all the difference, even if it requires early arrival on the day of.  Attention to detail matters and I have carefully selected sleek-looking and modern sound systems that blend into the scenery, rather than providing a bulky and unappealing distraction. Not only do they look nice, they also provide high-quality, consistent, even sound coverage that is never harsh, and is heard clearly throughout the venue. I also include, at no additional cost, multiple wireless speakers that can be placed in separate areas where the cocktail hour or dinner might be held. I am able to send the audio signal to these speakers with no wires which allows me to place speakers in different areas for the best possible sound coverage.

My song choice, song timing, blending, beat mixing, and transitioning from one track to the next are noticed by even non-music lovers.  My mixes are seamless, fun, and creative, without a loss of energy in between songs unlike iTunes, Spotify, and similar streaming playlists. This all creates a better mood for dancing, keeping your guests on their feet. You can read more, check out my bio, and listen to mixes here.

One of the most important aspects of any special event is entertainment. When you and your guests look back on your event, this is one of the first things that will come to mind. When you hire JAS Productions, I realize you are making no compromises on the entertainment, and it is something I don’t take lightly. My company was founded based on a love of music, and the pleasure of providing an emotionally evoking musical experience. I honed the craft and then built a business, not vise-versa.

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