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Welcome to the Online Planning Tools.


1. The Planning Form should cover 99% of formalities that will happen at your wedding.  Anything specific, needs better explaining, or is custom to your wedding, you will be able to type it at the bottom of the Planning Form, under the section titled “Notes/Other Information.”   In this section, you can further describe certain sections in the Planning Form that need more explaining. Unless you have specific songs you want to be played during the pre-ceremony (guest arrival), cocktail and/or dinner times, feel free to provide me with whatever genres you would like to hear (for example, jazz, classical, R&B, etc.), or a few artists’ names in the appropriate text box on the Planning Form.

2. The Timeline form should ONLY be filled out if you DO NOT have a Professional Wedding Coordinator.  If you have a professional wedding coordinator, please be sure she or he sends a version of the timeline at least 21 days prior to the wedding, so I can be sure to provide you with input to ensure the best flow to your day, from a music perspective.

3. The Music Request Form is for music that you feel MUST BE PLAYED during the dancing portion of your reception. You do not have to build a playlist or have a lot of song selections.  The point of the form is to give me a general idea of the style of music you like and what songs you absolutely want me to play. On average, people fill in 30-40 songs, but often less.  If you want to elaborate on your style, music choices, etc, please go back to the Planning Form section titled Notes/Other Information to further explain. All of this will be discussed in our final meeting. 

Lastly, when logged into the “Music Request Form”, you will find a section titled “Most Requested.” This is broken up into several categories such as Popular intro choices, 1st dance, cake, dancing songs, etc.  You can use this to get ideas not only for the Music Request Form, but also for the Planning Form.  You can also see Wedding Wire’s popular choices here.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or are confused by anything.