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JAS Productions
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 by Ariana
Location: 4-21-20

couldn’t be happier!!

DJ JAS was absolutely incredible to work with. He was so extremely kind, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the planning process, and made excellent suggestions whenever we needed advice. We did not hire a planner or day of coordinator, and JAS worked closely with the caterer and venue to make every part of our day seamless - we couldn’t have done it without his help! His music selection for cocktail hour and dinner was perfect, and his mixes kept everyone on the dance floor the whole reception. Hire him! you won’t regret it for a second.

 by Christina
Location: 3-16-2020

I don't even know where to begin.... so when you are picking wedding vendors you want to always make sure you are picking someone who does their job and gives 100 percent of their time and energy into your wedding. Well, Justin gave Frank and I 250 percent of his time and energy. Not only was this wedding done while having regular wedding stress but it was done across the country (I am from NY) Justin Was our Dj for our welcome party since we flew 50 guest out, not only did he provide music, but he provided us a open air photo-booth for our guest to be entertained. It was a wonderful option since I didn’t want a “regular bulky photo booth” On the following Saturday which was our wedding day, Justin did the music and lighting for our wedding. He did an amazing job. He created our "logo" that was on our invitation in light on the dance floor. I was amazed when I seen everything come together. Just done to perfection!

All the times leading up to our party he spoke with us on FaceTime and always answered our calls when we had questions and needed to talk (on a side note, since we are from NYC, I have many vendors that I flew out to be at the wedding. Justin was hand picked by his professionalism and willingness to be there for us a year ago on a previous trip). Justin went above and beyond and has so many more services than just DJ. He put time and effort into everything he does and is the absolute best. When I go back to the east coast, we are flying Justin out for our future parties. He gives his undivided attention to you and he was there for us when we needed. He was much more than what we could have ever asked for in a DJ. This is something we will never forget and are truly grateful for. He made us feel at ease throughout the entire process, this is exactly what you need in a vendor. Being a bride is stressful enough but when you are planning a wedding across the country , you need people who are willing to step up and help you. We would have not been able to pull this wedding off if it wasn't for Justin. Thank you Justin. You are the best.

 by Eric
Location: 1-7-2020

Justin did our DJ, audio services, and lighting services for our wedding. He was excellent to work with. He was organized before the event and during the event. He helped us plan things related to his work: our space acoustics, our wedding playlist, the timing of our entrances/exits/ceremonies, and everything else. In the months and weeks before the wedding, he helped us stay on track with asking us all of our preferences, and when we didn't know what to do, he gave us helpful suggestions. We needed some help staying on track, and he set up phone appointments to discuss things and make sure we didn't fall behind. His website is user-friendly, and it allowed us to give him our preferences effectively, because the music he played at the wedding was exactly what we wanted.

Justin successfully walked the line between being high-energy and welcoming, while not being cheesy or tacky. He was effective at bringing attention to where it needed to be to help us proceed to the next event, but he was never a distraction. We've been to some weddings where the DJs clearly enjoy speaking to everyone a little too much; Justin wasn't like that.

We thought that Justin was by far the best DJ of a wedding we've been to. We got multiple questions afterward asking us for referrals of our DJ, because he successfully got our friends (20s-30s) and our parents' friends (50s-70s) on the dance floor. He even got my grandma to dance.

The lighting that Justin provided was excellent. It was attractive and, because it was battery-powered, prevented our needing to rent a generator. It also was wireless, which was safer than having a ton of wires running everywhere.

The wireless microphones and the speakers were high quality. Everyone could hear during an outdoor ceremony. He also had the officiant wear a wireless clip-on microphone on his shirt that saved us (the officiant, bride, and groom) from needing to awkwardly lean toward a microphone stand or pass a microphone from person to person. Instead, we could just say what we wanted to say, and everyone could hear us. The speakers were effective and unobtrusive.

 by Katherine Higgins
Location: 12-10-2019

Helped Make Our Wedding Perfect

We loved the music and you really helped the evening and program flow so smoothly. It was great to be able to just sit back and enjoy the reception without needing to worry about our timeline. We also appreciated all of your help and guidance during the planning process.

Working with Justin was so stress-free and easy. We trusted his expert opinion and left much of the nitty gritty decisions up to him. It was so wonderful to be able to just sit back and enjoy the reception without needing to worry about our timeline or other decisions. Justin coordinated and worked well with our other vendors to ensure that we were on schedule and that our program flowed and ran smoothly during the lead-up and day of the wedding. We really appreciated his help and guidance during the planning process. In addition, his equipment and set up worked like a dream and was nicely unobtrusive in the background, which we appreciated in our photos. We also added his up-lighting services, which really made our venue (Glen Annie Golf Club) look extra special and beautiful.

 by Tani
Location: 7-20-19

Perfect DJ

Justin was great! He communicated with us several times between booking until the wedding. I appreciate how well he worked with my coordinator, officiant and other vendors. He was an amazing DJ and honored our requests while also mixing songs. We left cocktail and dinner music up to him and I was amazed at his choices! I highly recommend him. Our guests did not stop dancing until the music did! His website is super friendly and easy to use too.

 by JL
Location: 5-26-19

When we started planning our wedding, we thought we would do our own music with itunes playlists and rented speakers in order to cut costs. But our coordinator suggested that that might not be the best idea, explaining that DJs are awesome because they can read the crowd and keep the party going. We found DJ JAS Productions via Yelp, and are so glad we went with a live DJ. Not only was Justin able to read the crowd, but he also mixes the music live (so it's not like he's just there playing your playlists).

AND he did something extra awesome for us - we wanted to do a surprise first dance - start with a slow song, then have a record scratch, then have a salsa song start for a choreographed routine. Justin and I went over the details by email and phone leading up to the big day and it went PERFECTLY despite never having rehearsed in person.

Justin is also great at picking up the vibe you want. I didn't really have a bunch of limitations about music I didn't want, but by giving Justin a list of songs I liked he was able to figure out the type of party I did want. It was perfect. And when he realized that one of my entrance songs had questionable lyrics in it, he called me right away to notify me and suggest something more appropriate. My wedding really was a big fun party and DJ JAS was a huge part of it.

 by Evi
Location: 5-25-19

Superb service from beginning to end!

DJ Jas (Justin) helped us with our wedding day and he was professional, knowledgeable, respectful and attentive to our wedding details. His service included DJ, even timeline and media (slide show).

Justin made the coordination process run smoothly, his service is exceptional and he goes above and beyond. Justin was creative and he was able to highlight and blend our unique cultures by playing a variety of music for all ages and guests. Thank you, Justin!

 by Kayla
Location: 5-19-19

DJ JAS is a must!!

While looking for DJs for my wedding, my mom found DJ JAS's page and recommend me to him, and I am so glad she did! Justin was very professional, kind, and knew how to keep the night alive! All of the transitions were so clean and there were no dull/awkward moments or silences. He is very experienced and you can tell he knows what he's doing. He was on top of things and made sure the whole night ran smoothly. Everyone kept complimenting on how good the playlist was and non of us could stop dancing! He did an AMAZING job he is definitely a MUST! DJs definitely make a wedding and our wedding was amazing thanks to him!

 by Taylor
Location: 04-12-19

The best out there!

Justin helped us with our wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch and we cannot say enough about the amazing job he did. He went above and beyond what his normal duties would be to ensure everything was exactly the way we wanted and our day was perfect. His attention to detail and professionalism was excellent. And not only he is truly a great professional, but turns out he is a rocking DJ also. Our friends and family all commented on how great the dance party and music was at the wedding. Thank you Justin for making our day exactly what we wanted and one we will never forget!

 by Brandt L.
Location: 7-25-18

So, I just got married in an area just outside of Lompoc, CA, just an hour north of Santa Barbara. Because my wife and I are from Reno, we were a little nervous about our ability to book good vendors from afar. This was particularly stressful decision when deciding on a DJ, as good music is the cornerstone to setting the atmosphere you want at any wedding. That being said, I could not be happier with the service Justin (aka DJ JAS) offered us.

Why should you trust me?

- I have made and listened to music for most of my life.

- I am an avid listener of EDM (i.e. House, Trance, etc). and know my DJ's well.

- I consider myself an "audiophile" (I know, I'm one of THOSE people).

- I am receiving zero compensation for this review, and am taking the time to write this because I really want others to benefit from his DJ service.

I won't bore you with several long paragraphs of why you should go with him, but I will give you a list of things he did exceptionally well for our wedding.


-His mixing skills are the best I have heard, hands down. He made a couple custom mixes for us that were incredible.

-He really knows how to read a crowd to keep them dancing. Even some people that I have never known to dance did so at our wedding.

-After hearing the mixes he put together for our wedding, it is clear he keeps up to date on the latest music, even the lesser known bands.

-If you need him to be (we did), he is an excellent MC. No awkward announcements or missed cues.

-He triple checks all the music, order of events, etc. There wasn't a single event he missed, and everything was done exactly how we wanted it.

-He was able to predict where problems may occur in terms of timing of events, and as a result we were able to avoid them. This expertise was invaluable to us.

-Excellent people person. He knows how to get along with anyone (there were a few difficult personalities he had to contend with).

-He is extremely flexible, and will do just about anything humanly possible to make sure your wedding happens flawlessly.


-After thinking really hard, I cannot come up with anything he could have done better.

If you're getting married an are looking for an unparalleled DJ in the Santa Barbara area, you should definitely go with DJ JAS. You won't ever regret it.

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